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Vincent Godon Collection

This collection of 119 newspaper and magazine articles about Safeguard and SRMSC was contributed by Vincent Godon:

I first saw the MSR complex hunting with my father years back after it had closed....and it intrigued me. I have seen all the sites numerous times...even tracked the water line that supplied both sites. As part of my own personal research into the SRMSC, I went through the local library and the Grand Forks Herald (ND) newspaper archives searching the years during which SRMSC was being built. This was years later, so most information was actually on microfilm. The GFH was the largest and closest newspaper to Nekoma. As I came across articles that pertained to the construction, I made copies of some instances, I re-typed them. The copies of newspaper photographs did not always turn out too well, but they are much better than nothing! I ended up with a binder about an inch thick.

Articles are in chronological order and PDF format.

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