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Safeguard Memorabilia Gallery 2

Photo/PDF Sources:
4nnn: Jana Thompson via Facebook (2)

6nnn: Hugh Murphy

Dnnn: Kathy Doherty Downs via Facebook (2)

Ennn: David McKinney Jr

Fnnn: Vickie Ingulsrud Froehlich via Facebook (2)

Gnnn: Ernie Golwitzer via Facebook (2)

Hnnn: Herb Chip Stein via Facebook (2)

Jnnn: John Tracey

Snnn: Paul Shambroom via Facebook (2)

Unnn: Clint Esckilsen
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Memorabilia, Gallery 2

Diploma, Safeguard Missile Maintenance course

6004 (M)   (L)
Safeguard promotion letter

6022 (M)
General orders, Safeguard commendation medals

6021 (PDF) 296k
  • 6004: Diploma, Safeguard Missile Maintenance Technician/Specialist Course No. 1-74
  • 6022: Hugh Murphy: "I received this from Maj Morales when I got promoted to CW3 and most of the guys, military and civilian, I worked with had signed it. Originally there were a pair of CW3 bars attached."
  • 6021: General Orders 09 awarding Army Commendation Medals for work leading up to and during the nuclear readiness evaluation that all nuclear capable units must pass. Awarded to: CPT Richard J. Armour, 1LT Andrew H. Caster, CPT Joseph A. Morales III, Larry E. Kelly, CW4 Donald F. Lane, CW3 Theodore V. Grisham, CW2 Hugh I. Murphy.

Hugh Murphy's Sprint maintenance pocket notebook

6024 (PDF) 3.7m

David McKinney Jr recommendation letter

E001 (M)

David McKinney Jr employee status change

E002 (M)
  • 6024: Hugh Murphy: "Pocket notebook that I used during my time at SRMSC. I made notes on just about every operation I was involved in. I guess it is a true historical artifact recounting some of the events that took place during the two year period from mid-1974 until mid-1976. I did not realize I still had it; I found it when I was looking for the photographs."
  • E001: David McKinney Jr.'s Letter of Recommendation from Emanuel "Bud" Newton.
  • E002: David McKinney Jr.'s Employee Status Change for a promotion.
Letter from General Mullens

U005 (M)
Plaque presented to Ernest Golwitzer

G140 (M)   (L)
Safeguard Wives Recipe Book

H000 (M)
Certificate of appreciation to W R Thompson

4030 (M)
General Mullens promoting John Tracey

J200 (M)
General Mullens promoting Bruce Gelinas

J201 (M)
Newspaper article about Tracey and Gelinas promotions

J202 (M)
SFC David L. McKinney re-enlistment 1973

E005 (M) <$
SFC David L. McKinney receives Certificate of Recognition 1973

E004 (M) <$
  • J202: Newspaper article about the Tracey and Gelinas promotions.
  • E005: Col. Martin Olsen re-enlists SFC David L. McKinney, Nekoma, ND, 3 July 1973.
    • Pan Am negative M-737-2-1 <$
  • E004: Major General Krause awards SFC David L. McKinney a Safeguard Certificate of Recognition for work completed on Meck Island (Kwajalein Missile Range) in support of Safeguard Command.
    • Pan Am negative M-748-4-2 <$
Visit by Henry Kissinger (D500)

D500 (M) <$
Visit by Henry Kissinger (F020)

F020 (M)   (L) <$
Visit by Col. Lillibridge, Gen. Westmoreland and Lt. Col. Leber

D501 (M) <$
  • D500, F020: Secretary of State Henry Kissinger visits the PAR site <$
    • D500: from Kathy Doherty Downs via Facebook (2):
      • The lady is from the Cando, ND newspaper, my dad-Howard Doherty, owner of the Cavalier County Republican in Langdon and the other two men are ND’s Milton Young and Quentin Burdick. Both were ND representatives in the US Senate.
    • From George Rasi via Facebook (2):
      • Henry Kissinger toured the entire site and after a demonstration of the system was over he asked me to play the Snoopy vs. Sprint game. I never did figure out how he knew that even existed.
    • Grand Forks Herald article about Kissinger's 1974 visit.
    • SRMSC Guardian Newsletter (pdf) about Kissinger's 1974 visit.
      • Click on "Vol 2 No 5"
  • D501: from Kathy Doherty Downs via Facebook (2): <$
    • 1971: Col. John Lillibridge, Gen. Westmoreland and Lt. Col. Leber head of the Safeguard System. He’s from Huntsville, Alabama.
PAR concrete replica

S400 (M)   (L) <$
  • S400: from Paul Shambroom via Facebook (2): <$
    • I commissioned this custom "Concrete" replica 14 years ago to honor our 29th wedding anniversary. I'm not in the Air Force and had nothing to do with SAFEGUARD, but had visited twice for a photographic project. I saw one of these models when touring the P.A.R. in 2006, I think it may have been for a retirement celebration or something. I expressed admiration and asked if it would be possible to have one made with a personalized inscription? They agreed for a very reasonable price, and a guy even met me in a Twin Cities suburb to deliver it! (I live in Minneapolis and he was visiting relatives.) My wife reminded me this morning that I give very strange gifts.
    • (It weighs) less than the real one. I'm guessing around 15 lbs?