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MSR Missile Support Gallery 4
(Mark Perry photos)

Photo Sources:
Pnnn: Mark Perry via Facebook (2)
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Spartan launch cells (P114)

P114 (M)   (L)
Spartan launch cells (P120)

P120 (M)   (L)
Sprint launch cells (P116)

P116 (M)   (L)
  • P114, P120: Spartan launch cells, launch area antennas (LAA's) on left.
  • P116: Sprint launch cells, spartan cells and MSR in background.
Sprint launch cells (P125)

P125 (M)   (L)
EDC vent

P131 (M)   (L)
Missile field security light

P137 (M)   (L)
Launch area antennas

P140 (M)   (L)
Universal missile building vents

P141 (M)   (L)
Emergency lock release

P142 (M)   (L)
  • P140: Launch area antennas (LAA's).
    • The attached electrical boxes provided AC power for the missile loader and maintenance trucks.
  • P141: Intake and exhaust vents on the universal missile building.