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Missile Site (MSR) Launch Area


Excerpt from Safeguard -- A Step Toward Peace
Huntsville Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Two EDC's (Electrical Distribution Centers), located in the launch field, are designed as hardened reinforced concrete structures having out-to-out plan dimensions of 26 feet by 43 feet and height of 22 feet. The building roofs, flush with finished grade, are designed to withstand combined ground shock and air blast pressures and to provide protection from a NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) environment. The EDC's house double-ended electrical substations which provide regulated electrical power for weapon system loads at the Sprint and Spartan launch stations, and unregulated power for utility loads in the Spartan launch stations. Shock isolation platforms are provided for sensitive electrical equipment.

Webmaster note:
The EDC's were connected to the MSCB via the LAUT (Launch Area Utility Tunnel). <$