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Power Plant, Gallery 2 (Scott Murdock photos)

Photo Sources:
Scott Murdock's 2013 trip report North in November (new window)
(GSA tour for prospective SRMSC buyers.)
Copyright © 2013, Scott D. Murdock. Used with permission.
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MSR power plant stacks (S033)

S033 (M)
MSR heat sink (S035)

S035 (M)
  • S033: MSPP (Missile Site Power Plant) intake (shorter) and exhaust (taller) stacks.
  • S035: Heat sink. While the site was "buttoned up" during a nuclear attack, water for component cooling was re-circulated through this underground storage cavern where its heat was dumped.

MSR power plant interior (S045)

S045 (M)
MSR power plant interior (S050)

S050 (M)
MSR power plant interior (S046)

S046 (M)
  • S045: Looking into the power plant main level 1 corridor
    • View from the PEUT (Personnel, Equipment, and Utility Tunnel).
    • The security operations area for the entire MSR complex was located in a corner of the power plant (both levels) to the immediate right.
  • S050: Same view as S045, but farther down the corridor. Three prime mover modules were on each side at the far end.
  • S046: View after 180 turn from S050. Looking toward the beginning of the MSPP level 1 main corridor, then the PEUT (open ceiling), then the MSCB level 1 corridor. The exterior entrance tunnel is at the left of the PEUT. The entrance to the missile field utility tunnel is on the right side of the PEUT. The door in the foreground on the left is probably the entrance to the security operations area.
MSR power plant interior (S047)

S047 (M)
MSR power plant interior (S048)

S048 (M)
MSR power plant interior (S049)

S049 (M)
  • S047: Ceiling, MSPP level 1 main corridor.
  • S048: Probably one of the MSPP prime mover modules.
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