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MSR / MSCB Photos: Interior
Anechoic Chamber

Photo Sources:

0nnn: Anonymous WECo engineer

1nnn: Ves Fulp

9nnn: Don Felten

Innn: Clint Esckilsen via Facebook (3)
Anechoic Chamber

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MSR anechoic chamber (1018)

1018 (M)
MSR anechoic chamber (0024)

0024 (M)   (L)
MSR antenna feedhorn

0016 (M)   (L)

MSR anechoic chamber (0026)

0026 (M)   (L)

MSR anechoic chamber (1017)

1017 (M)

MSR anechoic chamber (0029)

0029 (M)   (L)
  • 0026, 1017: Antenna array elements were rear-illuminated by the feedhorn assembly. Comments
  • 0029: Scaffolding in place during antenna installation.
MSR anechoic chamber (I024)

I024 <$ (M)   (L)
Business end of MSR antenna feedhorn

1019 (M)   (L)
MSR feedhorn transmit, receive windows

0009 (M)   (L)
  • 1019: The "business end" of the antenna feed horn.
    • Receive antenna window is on the left, transmit antenna window is on the right.
    • The comparator (in photo label) is the first component of the MSR receiver.
  • 0009: Closeup of the receive and transmit antenna windows.
    • Transmit window shows smudges from burns or arcing, which must be cleaned with Everclear before further radiation.
MSR feedhorn transmit window

0012 (M)   (L)
MSR anechoic chamber doors

1020 (M)   (L)
MSR anechoic chamber heat damage

9001 (M)
  • 0012: Closeup of the transmit antenna window.
  • 1020: Doors leading into the anechoic chamber.
  • 9001: Fire Extinguishers
    • Normal one (left) and one that was in the MSR antenna chamber during full power operation (note melted handle).
MSR anechoic chamber waveguides

0025 (M)   (L)
Level 4 room 405 (I022)

I022 <$ (M)   (L)
Level 4 room 405 (I023)

I023 <$ (M)   (L)
  • 0025: Transmit and receive waveguide penetrations into the anechoic chamber during installation.
    • This is on the other side of the wall from the feedhorn assembly.
  • I022, I023: Level 4 room 405 (see diagram below). <$
    • Waveguide penetrations into the anechoic chambers can be seen in their operational configuration.
MSCB 4th floor layout

1115 (M)   (L)
  • 1115: MSCB fourth floor layout.
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