SRMSC 2010 Reunion Registration List

Updated 13 July 2010. Additions/changes indicated by $ after name.

Adams, Oscar Dad was an Engineer with Army COE at PAR site 1969-1970
Arthur, Leroy A. Western Electric Project Mamagement
Auchus, Joseph Military Police
Avery, Mark H. 95 Bravo MP Army
Barnes, Darvin Colonel US Army Retired; Command and Control at MSR
Bauer, Joe Chief, Tech Monitor, Nuclear Surety
Bauer, Michael My father was stationed in Nekoma, 1974-1976
Behler, Chris and Sheila Western Electric
Bond, Fred Worked for Western Electric at the site in Concrete
Bond, Gail (Young) Worked for Pan Am at Concrete Site
Bouchard, Roy & Marie Raytheon (MSR)
Bragg, W. Steve Operations Sgt, ops crew
Bridges, Nate MP. Come on Mushroom Squad, make the trip if you aren't dead or in jail.
Caldwell, Bill Military Polce Corp 1974-76
Campbell, Charles & Laverne MSR & RSL's DAC, ARADCOM, SAFCOM
Craig (Bauer), Toni Army brat
Dombrowsky, Steve & Marlene Steve was an Army MP at Nekoma
Eich, Patricia Wife of Mark Avery
Esckilsen, CW4 Clinton A. MSR & PAR, System Performance Evaluator
& Wife Joyce Guestbook
Flom, Annette Local
Flynn, Frank Military Police
Fosness, Kathy Employed by PanAm-worked for Western Electric
Fosness, Steven E. Military Police 11/1974-1/1976
Freije, Nancy $ ITT Federal Electric
Friedrich, Martin I was an MP with the Army. My last duty there was on the escort squad.
Friedrich, Sandy 1st grade teacher at Nekoma school.
Froehlich, Vickie (Ingulsrud) Worked Civil Service for secretarial for U.S. Army
Gollos, Hal Military Police Company
Hadland, Douglas Worked at both sites from 1974-1981
Hall, Edward Mushroom Squad
Hammer, Beverly (Gutterud) Civilian employed at both MSR and PAR sites
Haugen, Terry & Faye (Lyon) 50th Ord Co. & MP Army
Jerome, Bill & Jan Western Electric, Project Management
Kays, Patricia Mickelsen Daughter of SRM. I was there for the dedication in l97?.
Kennelly, Brian M. MK & ITT , Building & Retrofit @ MSR & PAR
Knott, Cathy Balgoyen Brown Military Police
Kulchak, Ron and Midge Quality Control Manager - Morrison Knudsen
Lattimore, Rita Pan Am
Leavitt, Brian MP, RSL 2. Asst. Scoutmaster for Base Troop
Lillibridge, John Area Engineer 1970-1973
Littlefield, Timothy Military Police
Makin, Frank & Marsha Active Duty Army , G-3 Ops & Trng, Personnel Sgt
Makselan, James M. Military Police - 3rd. Platoon
McConnell, Jeffrey L USAISC
McGregor, Sharlene $ Secretary for MK - Contract Adm, Legal Counsel & Proj Enginner
McKinney, Walter C. & Carol M. Civilian - Martin-Marietta Site Activation Team August 1973-October 1974
McMaster, Kevin J Pan American
Monson, David Teacher/administrator at the school. Wife, Mary Monson, was secretary at the MSR site.
Myrvik, Lyle J. Pan American World Airways
Nies, Mark Federal Electric, 1973-74
Novak, David webmaster
Otto, Duane Local
Paul, Bradley Military Police
Peterson, Angela Employed in civil service
Rasi, George PAR design, build and installation team from GE.
Reynolds, Jon Photographer of missile-related military infrastructure
Rickert, Bob Military Police
Rigby, Edward T. U.S. Army Safeguard Command (physical security company)
Robinson, Ray Was in Bruce Gelinas' squad 2nd platoon with Mike Lewis and Brad Paul
Roder, Randy R. $ Napoleon Steel; Construction, Summer 1970. Worked as part of 2-man survey crew laying out locations of rebar placement in the bottom of the big hole.
Sand, Harvey $ Local
Schill, Carleen Lebrun Local student and worked at the site with Frank Makin. Also participated in youth group activities.
Schill, Janet Lebrun Local Student
Schweitzer, Curtis Retired after 24 years as a DoD civilian computer system analyst for the USAF at the PAR
Sickau, Fred GE
Sobel, David and Jennie US Army Dental Clinic
Spieth, James (Jim) Kenneth Equipment Readiness Officer, PAR
Spong, Fred W. RCA Sarnoff Research Center, retired
Spong, Robert N. On-site at PARSS GE employee, 1972-1974
Swanson, Dan MP 3rd Platoon
Thompson, John MP
Troftgruben, Gary Pan American Airways
Troxel, Timothy CPT, US Army Safeguard Command
Verwey, Gary L.  
Watt, Ron Halifax & Pinkerton security and Pan Am maintenance
Waugh, Dick Military Police
Weir, Jim Military Police
Welander, Darren Long time interest in site
Werner, Merlyn James Long time interest in site
Whitacre, Dale MP Remote sites and MSR Active- EOD clerk when deactivated
White, Wayne Western Electric, admin assigned to Bill Kornelis' Site Reporting Group from '72-75
Wiken, Kent Son of Wayne Wiken, Officer at SRMSC
Wiken, Wayne Equipment Readiness Officer
Williams, Richard Sgt (E-5) Military Police MSR site