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Gallery C (Scott Murdock photos)

Photo Sources:
Scott Murdock's 2012 trip report North in November (new window).
(GSA tour for prospective SRMSC buyers.)
Copyright © 2013, Scott D. Murdock. Used with permission.
Greg Preston
Historic American Engineering Record: SRMSC
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General View

RSL 3 is the only one that still has light standards and security fences as originally deployed.

RSL 3 general view (S129)

S129 (M)

RSL 3 general view (S131)

S131 (M)

RSL 3 general view (S130)

S130 (M)
  • S129: View from main entrance gate. Left to right:
    • RLOB (Remote Launch Operations Building)
      (Missile field is behind RLOB)
    • Sally port
    • LASS (Limited Area Sentry Station)
  • S131: Left to right:
    • RLOB (Remote Launch Operations Building)
    • Sprint missile field
    • EASS (Exclusion Area Sentry Station)
RSL 3 sally port (S143)

S143 (M)
RSL 3 security lighting (S141)

S141 (M)
RSL 3 security lighting (S142)

S142 (M)
  • S143: Sally port with LASS just visible at left.
  • S141, S142: Security lighting
RSL 3 security fences

S145 (M)
  • S145: Left fence surrounds RLOB, right fence surrounds Sprint missile field.
LASS (Limited Area Sentry Station)


RSL 3 LASS exterior (S135)

S135 (M)

RSL 3 LASS exterior (S134)

S134 (M)

RSL 3 LASS exterior (S133)

S133 (M)

RSL 3 LASS exterior (S132)

S132 (M)

RSL 3 LASS exterior (S136)

S136 (M)

RSL 3 LASS exterior (S137)

S137 (M)


RSL 3 LASS interior (S140)

S140 (M)

RSL 3 LASS interior (S139)

S139 (M)

RSL 3 LASS interior (S138)

S138 (M)

RLOB (Remote Launch Operations Building)


RSL 3 RLOB exterior

S158 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB external entrance

S156 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB external entrance closeup

S157 (M)


RSL 3 RLOB entrance tunnel interior

S174 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB blast doors

S159 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB interior (S160)

S160 (M)
  • S174: Looking down the sloping entrance tunnel from just inside the entrance doors (photo S157 above).
  • S159: At the bottom of the entrance tunnel, main corridor blast doors (left), personnel access blast door (right) leading to decontamination area.
RSL 3 RLOB interior (S161)

S161 (M)
RSL 3 RLOB interior (S162)

S162 (M)
RSL 3 RLOB interior (S163)

S163 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB interior (S164)

S164 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB interior (S165)

S165 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB interior (S166)

S166 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB interior (S167)

S167 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB interior (S168)

S168 (M)

RSL 3 RLOB interior (S169)

S169 (M)

RSL 2 SOCC (Willie & Toby Fuller)

04633 (M)

RSL 3 SOCC (2012)

S170 (M)
RSL 3 RLOB cable vault

S172 (M)
  • 04633: SOCC (Security Operations Control Center) 1976
  • S170: SOCC (Security Operations Control Center) 2012
  • S172: Cable vault (center)
RSL 3 RLOB far end main corridor

S173 (M)
RSL 3 RLOB door to STRATCOM communications room

S171 (M)
  • S173: Far end of main corridor.
    • Left: living quarters
    • Right (open door): STRATCOM (Strategic Command) communications room.
      • Are those dual combination locks on the door?
  • S171: Closeup of door to STRATCOM communications room.
EASS (Exclusion Area Sentry Station)

Enforced the "two man rule" for the exclusion area (missile field) containing nuclear weapons.

RSL 3 EASS (S144)

S144 (M)

RSL 3 EASS (S146)

S146 (M)

RSL 3 EASS (S147)

S147 (M)

RSL 3 EASS (S148)

S148 (M)

RSL 3 EASS (S149)

S149 (M)

RSL 3 EASS (S150)

S150 (M)

Sprint Missile Field

RSL 3 Sprint missile field (S151)

S151 (M)
RSL 3 Sprint missile field (S152)

S152 (M)
RSL 3 Sprint missile field (S153)

S153 (M)
  • S153: Sprint launch cell.
    • From Chuck Angelo:
      The pole like apparatus next to the Sprint launch cell was the AC power source for the missile loader and maintenance trucks. There is a power bunker under ground with the transformers and breakers. This pole is just above the vault. The power cord from the maintenance and missile transporter trucks connected to the gray switch box with a large 4 pin connector.
RSL 3 Sprint missile field (S154)

S154 (M)
RSL 3 Sprint missile field (S155)

S155 (M)