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RSL #3 RSL #3 (Click photo for larger image)

Remote Sprint Launch Sites

The RSL's were designed to place Sprint launchers as close as possible to the trajectories of target re-entry vehicles to minimize the time from launch to interception during the critical time constraints of terminal defense. The four sites were arrayed around the central MSR complex in roughly northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest directions. Approximate distances from the MSR complex were 10 miles to the closest RSL (#4), and 22 miles to the most distant (#3). (See map.) Like the PAR and MSR, the RSL's were hardened against nuclear blast effects and were capable of operating autonomously while "buttoned up" during a nuclear attack.

A total of 54 Sprint launchers were distributed among the four RSL's: 1 (12), 2 (12), 3 (16), 4 (14).

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