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Gallery C (Scott Murdock photos)

Photo Sources:
Scott Murdock's 2012 trip report North in November (new window).
(GSA tour for prospective SRMSC buyers.)
Copyright © 2013, Scott D. Murdock. Used with permission.
Greg Preston
Historic American Engineering Record: SRMSC
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General View

RSL 2 from main entrance gate

S116 (M)
RSL 2 LASS from RLOB berm (winter)

04614 (M)
RSL 2 LASS from RLOB berm (2012)

S122 (M)
  • S116: View from main entrance gate showing sally port and LASS with RLOB partially visible behind LASS. The missile field is located to the right of the photo.
  • 04614: View of LASS from top of RLOB, 1976.
  • S122: View of LASS from top of RLOB, 2012.
RSL 2 security fence showing tie-down cabling (S117)

S117 (M)
RSL 2 security fence showing tie-down cabling (S118)

S118 (M)
  • S117, S118: Security fence showing tie-down cabling.
LASS (Limited Area Sentry Station)

RSL 2 LASS (S120)

S120 (M)
RSL 2 LASS (S119)

S119 (M)
RSL 2 LASS (S121)

S121 (M)
  • S120: Sally port (left) and LASS (right). RLOB is partially visible behind LASS.
  • S119, S121: Rear view of LASS.
RLOB (Remote Launch Operations Building)


RSL 2 RLOB exterior (S115)

S115 (M)

RSL 2 RLOB exterior (S123)

S123 (M)

RSL 2 RLOB exterior (S125)

S125 (M)
  • S115: Left to right:
    • Mounts for heat exchangers.
    • Exhaust stack.
    • Intake stack.
    • Entrance tunnel.
RSL 2 RLOB exterior (S126)

S126 (M)
RSL 3 RLOB prior to earth mounding

7485 (M)
RSL 2 RLOB heat exchangers (2012)

S124 (M)
  • 7485: Heat exchangers, 1974 (photo shows RSL 3).
  • S124: Heat exchangers, 2012.

RSL 2 interior (S127)

S127 (M)

RSL 2 interior (S128)

S128 (M)
  • S127: Main corridor blast doors (left), personnal access blast door (right) leading to decontamination area.