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PAR Radar Components

Photo Sources:

0nnn: Anonymous WECo engineer

7nnn: Historic American Engineering Record: SRMSC

8nnn: ABM Research and Development at Bell Labs

Tnnn: 10SWS Facebook page
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Radar Components

PAR antenna element display

7433 (M)   (L)
Drawing of typical PAR antenna section

T032 (M)
PAR phase shifter platform lvl 3

7428 (M)   (L)
  • 7433: Radar antenna element and coaxial display, with drawing of typical antenna section.
  • 7428: Phase shifter service platform, level three.
    • The interior of the antenna wall can be seen at left.
PAR phase shifter platform (0145)

0145 (M)   (L)
PAR phase shifter platform (T042)

T042 (M)   (L) <$
PAR radar components (T034)

T034 (M)   (L)
  • 0145: Phase shifter service platform, level ?.
  • T042: Phase shifter service platform, level 3. <$
PAR radar components (T012)

T012 (M)   (L)
PAR radar components (T013)

T013 (M)   (L)
PAR phase shifter service platform lvl 3

7429 (M)   (L)
  • 7429: Phase shifter service platform, level three.
    • Shows coaxial switches and transmitter output assembly (located only on this level).
PAR phase shifter service platform lvl 2

7414 (M)   (L)
PAR transmitter power supply, amplifier modulators

7418 (M)   (L)
PAR radar components (T007)

T007 (M)
  • 7414: Phase shifter service platform (level two).
  • 7418: Transmitter area no. 2; power supply assembly (in foreground) and amplifier modulators.
PAR radar components (T011)

T011 (M)   (L)
PAR radar components (T022)

T022 (M)   (L)
PAR transmitter power supply assemblies

7419 (M)   (L)
  • 7419: Power supply assemblies.
Travelling wave tubes stored in PAR TMRC

7431 (M)   (L)
PAR signal process & analog receiver room

7420 (M)   (L)
PAR radar control console

7422 (M)   (L)
  • 7431: Technical maintenance and repair center (TMRC).
    • Tactical support equipment (TSE) storage area.
      • Travelling wave tubes.
  • 7420: Signal process and analog receiver room.
  • 7422: Radar control console with line printers and DPS digital racks in background.
PAR radar block diagram

8002 (M)
  • 8002: PAR radar block diagram.