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Following deactivation of the Mickelsen complex in 1976, the Perimeter Acquisition Radar (PAR) was transferred to the U.S. Air Force in 1977 for operation as part of its early warning network. The USAF installation was initially named the Concrete Missile Early Warning System (CMEWS), but this name was changed to Cavalier Air Force Station in 1983.

The radar system proper is officialy designated AN/FPQ-16 by the Air Force, but is usually refered to by the acronym "PARCS" (Perimeter Acquisition Radar (Attack) Characteristic System). The installation is today operated by the U.S. Air Force 10th Space Warning Squadron. The PARCS has also assumed an important role in the Air Force's space track effort, which maintains information on all objects in Earth orbit.

The only externally visible change (other than signage) made by the Air Force is the addition of the large radome housing a satellite dish on top of the PAR building.

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