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PARB Miscellaneous Exterior Photos

Photo Sources:
0nnn: Anonymous WECo engineer

1nnn: Ves Fulp

2nnn: Curtis Schweitzer

3nnn: Denis Abbott

7nnn: Historic American Engineering Record: SRMSC

Lnnn: Cynthia LaNell via Facebook (2)

Mnnn: Robert F. Martina

Tnnn: 10SWS Facebook page
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PARB exterior (1081)

1081 (M)
PARB exterior (1083)

1083 (M)
PARB exterior (1082)

1082 (M)

PARB exterior (1084)

1084 (M)

PARB exterior (1086)

1086 (M)

PARB exterior (1088)

1088 (M)

PAR complex water storage reservoir

1089 (M)

PARB exterior (3003)

3003 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (2003)

2003 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (1087)

1087 (M)

PARB exterior (7393)

7393 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (7399)

7399 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (7398)

7398 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (7404)

7404 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (7403)

7403 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (7395)

7395 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (7394)

7394 (M)   (L)

PARB exterior (7396)

7396 (M)   (L)
  • 7396:
    • PARB entry (former docking facility) on left, behind satellite dish.
    • On the bottom right can be seen the knockout panel provided for a future tunnel that was never used.
    • The two 'holes' above are referred to as bird screens.
      • The upper air intake, on the fifth level, incorporates a plenum chamber (#510e), as does the lower (#2M8A) air exhaust, located on the second level mezzanine
PARB exterior (7397)

7397 (M)   (L)
PARB exterior showing docking facility

7402 (M)   (L)
PARB exterior showing power plant accessway

7400 (M)   (L)
  • 7402:
    • PARB showing docking facility.
    • Left of the knockout panel on lower right is emergency exit blast door #BD5/#127.
  • 7400: PARB showing accessway #101 leading into power plant from service road B in foreground.
joggers and PAR

T036 (M)   (L)
Wide view of PAR showing new power plant stacks

T048 (M)   (L)
PAR radar artist concept drawing 1968

M400 (M)
  • T048: Wide view of PAR showing new stacks from the 2014 power plant upgrade.
    • Compare to photo 7399 above.
  • M400: PAR radar, artist concept drawing, 1968.
PAR antenna and personnel wide view

T052 (M)   (L)
PAR antenna and personnel (T051)

T051 (M)   (L)
PAR antenna and personnel (T050)

T050 (M)   (L)

PAR building roof hatch

T041 (M)   (L)

PARB roof (T038)

T038 (M)   (L)

Re-enlistment ceremony on PARB roof

T033 (M)   (L)
  • T041: PAR building roof hatch.
PARB roof (T026)

T026 (M)   (L)
Nike Hercules target tracking radar, PARB roof

0146 (M)   (L)
PAR antenna (L200)

L200 (M) <$
  • 0146:
    • Nike Hercules target tracking radar on the roof of the PARB.
      • Used to help align the phased array radar.
      • The information printed on the photo is a joke.