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PAR Complex Miscellaneous Exterior Photos

Photo Sources:

2nnn: Curtis Schweitzer

7nnn: Historic American Engineering Record: SRMSC
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Exterior Photos - Miscellaneous

PAR complex controlled area sentry station

7503 (M)   (L)
PAR complex community center

7499 (M)   (L)
PAR complex bachelor officers' quarters

7500 (M)   (L)
  • 7503: Controlled area sentry station/visitor center.
  • 7499: Community center.
  • 7500: Bachelor officers' quarters.
PAR complex storage building (former dispensary)

7501 (M)   (L)
PAR complex sentry station (former BEQ)

7502 (M)   (L)
PAR complex resident engineer's office building

7498 (M)   (L)
  • 7501: Storage building; formerly PAR dispensary.
  • 7502: Sentry station; formerly the bachelor's enlisted men's quarter (BEQ).
  • 7498: Resident engineer's office building (REOB).
PAR complex industrial building

7504 (M)   (L)
PAR complex fresh water pump house

7505 (M)   (L)
PAR complex fuel oil pump house, cooling towers

7506 (M)   (L)
  • 7504: Industrial building.
  • 7505: Fresh water pump house.
  • 7506: Fuel oil pump station, showing cooling towers to right.
    • The tops of liquid nitrogen storage tanks A & B can be seen above the station roof.
    • In the foreground, left to right, can be seen the covers for diesel fuel tanks.
PAR complex fuel oil pump house, cooling towers, power plant

7401 (M)   (L)
PAR complex cooling towers for PARB & power plant

7466 (M)   (L)
PAR complex limited access sentry station (LASS), sally port

7392 (M)   (L)
  • 7401: Left to right: fuel oil pump station, cooling towers, power plant, and diesel intake/exhaust.
  • 7466: Cooling towers for PARB and PAR power plant.
  • 7392: Limited access sentry station (LASS), sally port.
    • Seen in the left background is the fuel oil pumping station (Building #805).
PAR complex limited access sentry station (LASS)

7391 (M)   (L)
PAR complex Cavalier Air Force Station sign (previous version)

2002 (M)
PAR complex Cavalier Air Force Station sign (current version)

2004 (M)
  • 7391: Limited access sentry station (LASS).
  • 2002, 2004: Cavalier Air Force Station signs at entrance.