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Ves Fulp

Once the MSR became operational, all the contract personnel were moved off base and into 8-plex or trailer housing in Langdon. At that time, the MSR system then went on a 24 hr/day, 7 days/week schedule. The Army command and control personnel scheduled and conducted all mission and non mission activities on the base; whereas, contract personnel were responsible for operation and maintenance of all equipment groups.

The severe winters and frequent blizzards often resulted in personnel working double shifts; but a seasoned engineer soon learned to always have emergency rations on hand (at least a 24 hour supply of peanut butter, crackers, and candy bars).

During one unusual winter where temperatures reached 49 degrees below zero (actual temperature, not wind chill), rotation of work crews was impossible for a 48 hour period. Fortunately, there was enough food and snacks available from desks of personnel not working to carry us through.

The Army personnel working in command and control were able to get food from their mess hall, but they seemed to have forgotten the contract personnel. This oversight was brought to the attention of the appropriate Army personnel who assured us that this oversight would never be repeated and it wasn't.