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Miscellaneous Transmitter Recollections
Waveguide Cleaning Procedures Prior to Initial Installation

Ves Fulp

A little known comical story about the waveguide cleaning prior to initial installation:

The cleaning materials required were many boxes of large Kotex, alcohol, and strong cord twice the length of the waveguide being cleaned.

Assembly looked something like this: Place two Kotex together (on top off each other) and tie each end with a strong cord. Feed one cord through the waveguide so it extrudes out the other end. Soak the Kotex pair with alcohol, next pull the Kotex back and forth a few times, then cap off both ends of the waveguide with a plastic cover plate.

The local stores were not prepared for the massive purchases we made as we bought up every Kotex in Langdon in a very short time period. There was so much uproar from the women that a special truckload had to be trucked in from Grand Forks.