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Miscellaneous Transmitter Recollections
Langdon Machine Shop

Ves Fulp

We learned early on where the local machine shop placed their priorities. During installation testing, we had a small welding job that was holding us up so I got in my car and drove to the Langdon Machine Shop.

As I entered, there were about a half dozen men sitting around chatting and I'm sure they sized me up right away as one of those missile people. Eventually, I was asked what I wanted. I had the parts with me that I wanted welded so after explaining my needs, the gentleman smiled, took my name and laid them on a table. I then pulled up a chair and sat with the others. The gentleman who appeared to be the owner also sat back down and joined in on the conversations.

I didn't want to appear pushy, but our testing at the MSR was on hold until the repair was completed. I asked if I should leave and come back later that afternoon.

The gentleman chuckled and said for me to come back in 3 days. I explained my urgency, but was told "Son, these ranchers come before any of you missile people. If their tractor breaks down, that's their livelihood -- they were here before you arrived and they will be here after you are gone".

I then left with the parts unrepaired, went back to the MSR, and processed the paper work for logistics to go to Grafton and have the welding done.