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Family Housing

Photo Sources:
0nnn: Anonymous WECo engineer

1nnn: Ves Fulp

7nnn: Historic American Engineering Record: SRMSC

Ennn: David McKinney Jr via Facebook (2)
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MSR family housing, tactical area (aerial)

1012 (M)
MSR family housing units (0154)

0154 (M)   (L)
MSR family housing units (0155)

0155 (M)   (L)
  • 1012: Aerial view of family housing area (foreground) and tactical area (background).
    • The empty streets of the planned officers' housing area can be seen at left just above center.
    • The H building is to the right of center.
MSR family housing units (0156)

0156 (M)   (L)
MSR family housing units (7386)

7386 (M)   (L)
MSR family housing units (7387)

7387 (M)   (L)
  • 7386,7387: These HAER photos from October 1992 were probably taken not long before the units were relocated.
MSR family housing units (E007)

E007 (M) <$
  • E007:
    • From Facebook, @ArmySMDC: "Crews complete 200 family housing units at the Safeguard Missile Site Radar, North Dakota, Dec. 31, 1972. Located less than 0.25 miles from the missile fields, the housing included two-, three-, and four-bedroom duplexes with attached garages."
    • Pan Am negative M-763-14-10