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MSR High Level Transmitter (HLT) Overview

Ves Fulp

The MSR Transmitter is a completely redundant, digitally controlled, high power, F-Band radar transmitter. The function of the transmitter is to amplify waveforms received from an external source and forward them to the Antenna Group for steering and transmission into space.

Functionally, the Transmitter Group is a three stage device of the signal generation/driver/power amplifier configuration.

The transmitter equipment occupies an area of approximately 18,200 square feet. This includes two high voltage power supply rooms, a klystron room, a transmitter control room, two power supply control rooms, a microwave balcony, an oil pumping room, and the main ancillary room which maintains the SF6, and high pure water monitor and pumping equipment.This does not include the anecoic chambers where the transmitter feedhorn is located.

Three 3100 KW diesel generators are dedicated to the Transmitter Group, of which one is kept on standby as a spare.

The oil cooling system consists of five modules 10' x 5' x 8' high which contain equipment for continuously purifying and circulating oil at a rate of 120 GPM, storing 24,000 gallons of clean and contaminated oil, and a reclaimer for repurifying contaminated oil at a rate of 10 GPM.

High Purity Water Cooling Group:
The high purity water cooling system consists of 12 modules 10' x 5' x 7' high which contain equipment for circulating 2790 GPM of deionized water to nine distribution modules 10' x 2.5' x 8' high, which in turn, supply 64 separate cooling loops with deionized water.

Gas Pressurization Group - SF6:
The SF6 gas pressurization system consists of two modules 10' x 5' x 7' high which contain equipment for cooling, circulating and drying sulfur hexafluoride gas used throughout all high power waveguide runs of the Transmitter group.