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Missile Site (MSR) Launch Area


Excerpt from Safeguard -- A Step Toward Peace
Huntsville Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The elevated launch area is located approximately 1,000 feet from the MSCB (Missile Site Control Building). It contains 16 Sprint and 30 Spartan launch stations. Two underground hardened Electrical Distribution Centers (EDC's), located within the launch area, provide both regulated and utility electrical power to the missile cells and associated ground support equipment. Also located in the launch area are two nondebris-forming technical support buildings identified as UMB (Universal Missile Building) and WHB (Warhead Handling Building). All services between the MSCB and the launch area, including circuits for 4,160 volt primary electrical power, instrumentation, communication, and monitoring and control, are routed through the Launch Area Utility Tunnel (LAUT), a hardened underground structure.