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MSR Missile Support Gallery 3
(Scott Murdock photos)

Photo Sources:
Scott Murdock's 2013 trip report North in November (new window)
(GSA tour for prospective SRMSC buyers.)
Copyright © 2013, Scott D. Murdock. Used with permission.
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General View

MSR EASS, sally port, warhead handling bldg

S083 (M)
Spartan missile field with MSR in background

S084 (M)
MSR and Universal Missile Building from EASS

S085 (M)
  • S083: Left to right:
    • Exclusion area sentry station (EASS).
      • Controlled access to exclusion area containing nuclear weapons (2 man or no-lone rule).
    • Sally port.
    • Warhead handling building.
      • Supported installation of nuclear warheads on Spartan and Sprint missiles.
  • S084: Spartan missile field with MSR in background.
  • S085: View of MSR (left) and Universal Missile Building (right) from EASS.
    • Universal Missile Building supported assembly and checkout of Spartan and Sprint.
    • Fence (left foreground) surrounds missile fields.
View from MSR toward missile support areas

S087 (M)
  • S087: View from MSR toward missile support areas.
    • Universal Missile Building (left).
    • EASS (just to right of center).
    • Warhead Handling Building and missile field (right).
UMB (Universal Missile Building)
Universal missile building (S069)

S069 (M)
Universal missile building (S067)

S067 (M)
UMB entrance to explosives service magazine

S068 (M)
  • S068: Entrance to explosives service magazine.
    • The flexible conduit connectors at the building joint illustrate the efforts taken to deal with building motion that would occur under nuclear attack conditions.
EASS (Exclusion Area Sentry Station)
MSR sally port (foreground), EASS (background)

S071 (M)

S073 (M)
MSR EASS, sally port, WHB, missile field

S072 (M)
  • S071: Sally port (foreground), EASS (background).
  • S072: Foreground to background:
    • EASS.
    • Sally Port.
    • Warhead Handling Building (mostly behind EASS).
    • Missile field (elevated area at end of road).
WHB (Warhead Handling Building)
Warhead handling building (WHB) (S070)

S070 (M)

Sprint Missile Field

MSR Sprint missile field (S075)

S075 (M)
MSR Sprint missile field (S074)

S074 (M)
MSR Sprint missile field (S076)

S076 (M)

MSR Sprint missile launch cell, maintenance platform, and LAA

S077 (M)
  • S077: Maintenance platform and launch area antenna (vertical column).
    • Launch area antennas allowed the MSR's radar to communicate with Sprint missiles in their underground launch cells.
Spartan Missile Field

Spartan missile field (S079)

S079 (M)
Spartan missile field (S078)

S078 (M)
Spartan missile field (S080)

S080 (M)
  • S079: Left to right:
    • Exhaust duct.
    • Launch chamber.
    • Launch area antenna.
      • Allowed the MSR's radar to communicate with Spartan missiles in their underground launch chambers.
    • Access hatch to:
      • mechanical, electrical equipment vault
      • launch preparation equipment vault
Spartan missile field (S081)

S081 (M)
Spartan missile field (S082)

S082 (M)