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MSDP (Missile Site Data Processor)

DPS Photo Gallery
MSDP (Missile Site Data Processor)

Photo Sources:

0nnn: Anonymous WECo engineer

1nnn: Ves Fulp

Cnnn: Chris Craft via Facebook (2)

Dnnn: John Delebo via Facebook (2)

Vnnn: A 20-Year History of the Antiballistic Missile Program

Wnnn: Webmaster
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Video: tactical (deployed) MSDP

V001 (V)
Video: prototype MSDP

V002 (V)
  • V001: Tactical (deployed) MSDP.
    Personnel (with time of appearance):
    00:00 Noel Laxdal (red/white checked shirt)

    00:07 Ken Weaver
  • V002: Prototype MSDP.
    Meck Island, Kwajalein Atoll.
MSDP electronics area, room 201

MSDP consoles & digital racks (background)

0065 (M)   (L)

MSDP consoles, status control & display board (0056)

0056 (M)   (L)

MSDP closeup of status control & display board

0058 (M)   (L)
  • 0065: Consoles (foreground), digital racks (background).
  • 0056: Consoles (foreground), status control & display board (background).
  • 0058: Closeup of status control & display board.
MSDP consoles, status control & display board (0063)

0063 (M)   (L)
MSDP consoles, status control & display board (0069)

0069 (M)   (L)
MSDP consoles, status control & display board (1046)

1046 (M)
  • Consoles, status control & display board.
MSDP digital racks, DPS test set

0067 (M)   (L)
MSDP test set

0059 (M)   (L)
MSDP digital racks

0075 (M)   (L)
  • 0067: Digital racks, DPS test set front left.
  • 0059: DPS test set.
  • 0075: Digital racks.
MSDP digital rack, variable store 1

0049 (M)   (L)
MSDP digital rack, cabinet open

0051 (M)   (L)
MSDP digital rack undergoing checkout

0073 (M)   (L)
  • 0049: Digital rack, variable store 1.
  • 0051: Digital rack, cabinet open.
  • 0073: Digital rack undergoing checkout.
Tape handler room, room 243

MSDP tape handler room

0082 (M)   (L)

MSDP unit record & tape equipment

0084 (M)   (L)

MSDP tape unit control panel

0083 (M)   (L)
  • 0082: Wide angle view.
    • Disk drives (left of support column).
    • Card readers and line printers (foreground).
    • Tape drives (along back walls).
  • 0084: Another view of unit record and tape equipment.
  • 0083: Tape unit control panel.
MSDP disk test set

0085 (M)   (L)
  • Disk test set.
Mini computer, room 201
MSDP mini computer (0070)

0070 (M)   (L)
MSDP mini computer (0076)

0076 (M)   (L)
  • 0070: MSDP digital racks can be seen in the background.
Reference Manuals

Tactical Programming Fundamentals

C022 (M)   (L)

Subsystem Structure

C023 (M)   (L)

Real-Time Design

C024 (M)

Bell System Technical Journal

W070 <$ (M)

Intro to Safeguard DPS

C027 <$ (M)

R & D Software, Generation Breakdown

D600 <$ (M)

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