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Gallery D (Mark Perry photos)

Photo Sources:
Mark Perry, 2013, 2016

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RSL 3 LASS and RLOB stacks

P082 (M)   (L)
RSL 3 U.S. Army Installation

P011 (M)   (L)
RSL 3 entry gate

P017 (M)


P016 (M)

RSL 3 Warning - Restricted Area

P013 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 entry gate sign

P089 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 windsock frame and RLOB

P092 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 entry gate sign - new owner (P087)

P087 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 from entry gate

P090 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 entry gate sign - new owner (P091)

P091 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 LASS with floodlights

P084 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 LASS floodlight detail

P085 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 LASS antenna detail

P086 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 LASS garage doors & light standards

P083 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 RLOB heat exchanger mounts, exhaust stack

P088 (M)   (L)


RSL 3 and canola field

P143 (M)   (L) <$
RSL 3 No Trespassing

P144 (M)   (L) <$
RSL 3 Sprint launch station switch

P145 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 generator stacks

P148 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 top of RLOB

P149 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 EASS (P151)

P151 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 flood lights

P153 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 Sprint launch cell (P155)

P155 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 RLOB interior (P146)

P146 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 RLOB interior (P147)

P147 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 RLOB interior (P150)

P150 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 RLOB restricted area

P152 (M)   (L) <$

RSL 3 RLOB personnel blast door

P154 (M) <$