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RSL Sprint Launch Area Description

(Adapted from Historic American Engineering Record, HAER No. ND-9-F,
Missile Launch Area


Within Exclusion Area, Remote Sprint Launch Sites.


The Sprint Launch Area comprised the Sprint Launch Stations, allowing for short range defense against an intercontinental ballistic missile.


The foundation of each of the steel cylindrical Sprint launch stations was buried vertically underground to a depth of some 32 ft and had an inner diameter of approximately 9.5 ft. Each was closed with a hatch and had a Launch Preparation Equipment Chamber.

When operational, each cell contained a Sprint missile that would be launched by a gas-propelled piston through its cell cover, which would be explosively fragmented to allow the missile's exit.

Prior to launch, Sprint missile status and commands were relayed to/from the MSR via (1) the Sprint Remote Control Equipment (SRCE) located within the RLOB (Remote Launch Operations Building), and (2) a digital data link between the RLOB and the MSR.

After launch, the MSR used its radar beam to communicate directly with the Sprint missile.