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RLOB Description: Exterior

(Excerpt from Historic American Engineering Record, HAER No. Part II. Architectural Information

B. Description of Exterior

The dimensions of the various RLOB's were practically standardized, with only minor differences. The RLOB's are all single story, hardened structures of concrete with a partial upper level. The intake and exhaust stacks extend above grade on these subterranean buildings. The exterior was provided with a waterproof coating.

1. Overall Dimensions:

The approximate exterior dimensions of the RLOB are: length, 142 ft; width, 80 ft; and height, 17.5 ft.

2. Foundations:

The RLOB foundations are reinforced concrete slab. The floor slab is 31 in thick and has a 4 inch thick sub-slab.

3. Walls:

Exterior, reinforced concrete walls are 2.5 ft in thickness.

4. Structural System, Framing:

The RLOB's were composed of concrete, reinforced with rebar and lined with steel plate.

5. Openings:

a. Doors:

Each RLOB has four blast doors, a radiation door, and an emergency escape hatch.

b. Tunnels:

The entrance tunnels are the only deviation from the generally identical plan of the four RLOB's. All tunnels have elastomeric roofing. The tunnel entrance at the lower level is underground but rises to ground level at the outside entrance, where a transformer pad (126 ft2) is located. The tunnel dimensions were as follows:

6. Roof Characteristics:

The RLOB roof is concrete slab with intake and exhaust stacks projecting above ground. The roof slab is 2 ft thick and is covered with 3 ft of earth fill.