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MSR Admin/Housing Areas Photo Gallery
Misc. Gallery 3 (Mark Perry)

Photo Sources:
Mark Perry, 2013,2016
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MSR complex main gate

P047 (M)   (L)
MSR complex main gate call box

P048 (M)   (L)
MSR community center & hitching posts

P050 (M)   (L)
  • P050: Community center. <$
MSR hitching posts & parking lot

P049 (M)   (L)
Admin building and fire hydrant

P138 (M)   (L) <$
Industrial building and hitching post

P139 (M)   (L) <$
  • P049: Hitching posts for engine block heaters. <$
  • P138: Administration building. <$
  • P139: Industrial building and hitching post. <$
Fresh water pump house

P111 (M)   (L) <$
Chapel interior

P119 (M)   (L) <$
Chapel fire extinguisher tag

P128 (M)   (L) <$
  • P111: Fresh water pump house. <$
  • P119: Chapel interior. <$
Chapel annex interior

P129 (M)   (L) <$
Heating water supply line

P130 (M)   (L) <$
MSR street scene

P122 (M)   (L) <$
  • P129: Chapel annex interior. <$
Electrical socket closeup

P112 (M)   (L) <$
Bolt closeup

P118 (M)   (L) <$
Command logo

P127 (M)   (L) <$