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MSR / MSCB Photos: Exterior
Miscellaneous, Gallery 4 (Mark Perry photos)

Photo Sources:
Mark Perry, 2013, 2016

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MSR and power plant (P026)

P026 (M)   (L)
MSR and power plant (P029)

P029 (M)   (L)
MSR and power plant (P051)

P051 (M)   (L)

Missile field, WHB, MSR

P030 (M)   (L)

MSR from W

P055 (M)   (L)

MSR turret - Keep Right

P010 (M)   (L)

MSCB vents

P054 (M)   (L)

MSCB vents closeup

P052 (M)   (L)

MSCB wide angle

P115 (M)   (L) <$

MSCB through wildflowers

P136 (M)   (L) <$