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Antenna Installation

Photo Sources:

0nnn: Anonymous WECo engineer

1nnn: Ves Fulp

Lnnn: Cynthia LaNell via Facebook (2)
Antenna Installation

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MSR antenna installation cab (1022)

1022 (M)
MSR antenna installation cab (L201)

L201 (M) <$
Installation of an MSR antenna element (delay line)

1021 (M)
  • 1022, L201 <$: Antenna installation cabs.
    • Moved up and down the antenna face.
    • Provided a climate controlled environment for working on the antenna faces. <$
    • The other photos on this page were taken inside the cab.
  • 1021: Installation of an antenna element (delay line).
    • Under computer control, the delay line altered the phase of the element's radiated energy in order to steer the antenna beam.
    • The outside of each element was covered by a beryllia window.
Checking alignment of MSR antenna elements (0001)

0001 (M)   (L)
Checking alignment of MSR antenna elements (0002)

0002 (M)   (L)
Checking alignment of MSR antenna elements (0003)

0003 (M)   (L)
  • 0001-0003: Checking alignment of antenna elements.