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MSR / MSCB Description: Site

(Excerpt from Historic American Engineering Record, HAER No. ND-9-B,
Missile Site Control Building, Building 430

Part II. Architectural Information

D. Site

1. General Setting and Orientation:

The MSR site housed the comparatively short-ranged MSR and nearly half of the SRMSC defensive missiles. It was located on approximately 431.66 acres of land, 102 mi northwest of Grand Forks and 12 mi south of Langdon, close to the tiny agrarian town of Nekoma. About 25 air mi separate the MSR from the PAR. The site is 17 to 31 mi from the four Remote Sprint Launch Sites. The site was divided into a controlled area, limited area, and community center area.

2. Historic Landscape and Design:

With the exception of urban and built-up areas, the entire area (83 percent) within 1.2 mi of the MSR site is agricultural. Urban and built-up areas include Nekoma, farmsteads, roads, and the Soo Line Railroad, which runs NW-SE and passes 0.5 mi to the SW of the MSR. Wooded land cover is less than 5 percent.

There is little topographic relief in the area. The lowest point is 1,600 ft above mean sea level(msl), and the highest point is 1,630 ft above msl.