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MSR Admin/Housing Areas Photo Gallery
Misc. Gallery 2 (Scott Murdock photos)

Photo Sources:
Scott Murdock's 2013 trip report North in November (new window)
(GSA tour for prospective SRMSC buyers.)
Copyright © 2013, Scott D. Murdock. Used with permission.
Anonymous WECo engineer
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General View

Reservoir, pumphouse, MSR, power plant, LASS, industrial bldg (S021)

S021 (M)
Reservoir, pumphouse, MSR, power plant, LASS, industrial bldg (S022)

S022 (M)
Chapel, community center, HQ building

S023 (M)
  • S021: Left to right:
    • Covered water reservoir
    • Fresh water pumphouse
    • MSR
    • Power plant stacks
    • LASS (Limited Area Sentry Station)
    • Industrial building
  • S023: Left to right:
    • Chapel
    • Community center
    • Headquarters building
Community center, HQ bldg, LASS, Polar telephone bldg

S024 (M)
Industrial bldg, LASS, Polar telephone bldg

S088 (M)
  • S024: Left to right:
    • Community center
      Note engine block heater "hitching posts" in parking lot.
    • Headquarters building (MSR behind)
    • LASS
    • Polar telephone building
  • S088: Left to right:
    • Industrial building
    • LASS (rear)
    • Polar telephone building
LASS (Limited Area Sentry Station)
MSR LASS exterior (S025)

S025 (M)
MSR LASS exterior (S026)

S026 (M)
MSR LASS exterior (S027)

S027 (M)

MSR LASS exterior (S028)

S028 (M)

MSR LASS interior (S029)

S029 (M)

MSR LASS interior (S030)

S030 (M)

MSR LASS interior (S031)

S031 (M)

MSR LASS interior (S032)

S032 (M)

Industrial Building

MSR industrial building exterior (S089)

S089 (M)
MSR industrial building exterior (S090)

S090 (M)
MSR industrial building interior

S091 (M)

Fresh Water Pump House & Covered Reservoir

MSR fresh water pumphouse & covered reservoir

S092 (M)
MSR fresh water pumphouse

S093 (M)

Administration HQ Building

MSR admin HQ building (S094)

S094 (M)
MSR admin HQ building (S095)

S095 (M)
MSR admin HQ building (S096)

S096 (M)

Polar Telephone Building

MSR Polar telephone bldg

S097 (M)
  • S097: Currently serves as the office for the caretaker personnel.
Community Center

MSR community center exterior (S098)

S098 (M)
MSR community center exterior (S099)

S099 (M)
MSR community center interior (S100)

S100 (M)

MSR community center bowling alley pin setters (S101)

S101 (M)

MSR community center bank (S102)

S102 (M)

MSR community center bank (S103)

S103 (M)
  • S101: Originally described as "Laundromat?". From Shannon Duerr: "This is the back side of the bowling alley. The machines pictured are the pin setters." <$
MSR community center PX

S104 (M)
MSR community center bowling alley (S105)

S105 (M)
MSR community center bowling alley (S106)

S106 (M)

MSR community center cafeteria / snack bar - 1975

0110 (M)   (L)

MSR community center cafeteria / snack bar - 2012

S107 (M)

MSR community center library (S108)

S108 (M)
  • 0110: Cafeteria / snack bar, ~1975.
  • S107: Cafeteria / snack bar, 2012.
  • S108: From Shannon Duerr: "I believe this is the library as that was the only part of the community center that had a second level (unless you count the projection booth in the movie theater)." <$

MSR chapel exterior (S109)

S109 (M)
MSR chapel exterior (S110)

S110 (M)
MSR chapel exterior (S111)

S111 (M)

MSR chapel interior (S112)

S112 (M)

MSR chapel interior (S113)

S113 (M)


MSR gym interior

S114 (M)