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Joe B. Barnett


Guestbook Entry

From Joe Barnett, 10 January 2004:

I was a senior security guard from 4 December 74 till 14 April 76, 1st Platoon, HHB/MP Co. I worked at one point or another at almost every location. I lived in the housing complex in Langdon.

I think the Thompson that has contributed pictures to your site had a nickname of "Frosty". Some names I do remember are Cpt. Susan Cheney (?spelling), Cpt. Larry E. Kelly (Cpt. Kelly recruited me from the 545th MP Company, 1st Cav), SSG Anthony O'Connell, SP4 Richard "Dick" Waugh, (became a deputy sheriff in Oroville, CA I think) his wife was an MP (Molly maybe) but I'm not sure of her name. They came from Ft. Carson. Ed and Davia Bennett (there is a picture of a petite MP in the middle of a couple of other people that may be her) I also recognize one of the other female MP's in one of the pictures but I don't remember her name. I know that she married an MP while they were there. I might have a picture of myself, SP4 Tim Hennigan and a SSGT playing in a band at the NCO club also.

I went on to Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center after I was "extended at the convenience of the Government" and ETS'd there. Two days later I started work in N.D. as the assistant chief of Police in Ashley, then moved to Wishek, ND and then on to Chief of Police in Cook, MN before I retired from law enforcement. While there I met and became friends with a civilian Fire fighter that worked on the base named Darrel Graf, he went on to be the Chief of Police in Medina, ND and retired from law enforcement after being in the middle of the Gordon Kahl / Posse Comitatus incident. He has since published a book about the incident. I currently design computer networks and computer security systems.