PAR Transfer Plaque
Plaque commemorating the transfer of the PAR from the U.S. Army to the U.S. Air Force. (HAER ND-9-P-42 003001)

This commemorates the transfer from the U.S. Army
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization to the U.S. Air Force
Aerospace Defense Command of the Safeguard Ballistic
Missile Defense System Perimeter Acquisition Radar (PAR) --
the last operational element of the free world's first
defense against ballistic missile attack.

The PAR and the other Safeguard subsystems represent
a generation of scientific and technological advance and
symbolize the power of the United States' technological

May the PAR, in its new role as the Concrete Missile
Early Warning Station, continue as a reminder that peace
is never permanently won, but only from instant to
watchful instant.

John G. Jones
Brigadier General, United States Army
Ballistic Missile Defense Program Manager
1 October 1977