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Hal Ledbetter Photos (1993)

Photo Sources:
I went with several others back in 1993 to survey the site for possible reactivation under BMDO. These photos are from that trip.

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MSR / MSCB Exterior (Missile Site Radar / Missile Site Control Building)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L020)

L020 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L027)

L027 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L034)

L034 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L005)

L005 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L007)

L007 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L015)

L015 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L004)

L004 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L000)

L000 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L002)

L002 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L017)

L017 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB exterior (L016)

L016 (M)   (L)

MSR / MSCB / MSPP Interior
(Missile Site Radar / Missile Site Control Building / Missile Site Power Plant)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB interior (L006)

L006 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR/MSCB interior (L012)

L012 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR/MSCB interior (L011)

L011 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB interior (L009)

L009 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR/MSCB interior (L010)

L010 (M)   (L)

MSR Missile Field (Missile Site Radar Complex)

Ledbetter MSR missile field (L008)

L008 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR missile field (L013)

L013 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR missile field (L018)

L018 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR missile field (L019)

L019 (M)   (L)

MSR Admin Area (Missile Site Radar Complex)

Ledbetter MSR admin area (L001)

L001 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR admin area (L021)

L021 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR admin area (L022)

L022 (M)   (L)

MSR Miscellaneous Photos (Missile Site Radar Complex)

Ledbetter MSR misc photos (L026)

L026 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR misc photos (L028)

L028 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter MSR misc photos (L023)

L023 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR misc photos (L003)

L003 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter MSR misc photos (L014)

L014 (M)   (L)

RSL 3 (Remote Sprint Launch Site)

Ledbetter RSL 3 (L037)

L037 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter RSL 3 (L043)

L043 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter RSL 3 (L044)

L044 (M)   (L)

PAR (Perimeter Acquisition Radar)

Ledbetter PAR (L045)

L045 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter PAR (L040)

L040 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter PAR (L042)

L042 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter PAR (L035)

L035 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter PAR (L036)

L036 (M)   (L)


Ledbetter Minuteman (L025)

L025 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter Minuteman (L047)

L047 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter Minuteman (L032)

L032 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter Minuteman (L038)

L038 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter Minuteman (L031)

L031 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter Minuteman (L033)

L033 (M)   (L)

Off Post Photos

Ledbetter off post photos (L039)

L039 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter off post photos (L041)

L041 (M)   (L)
Ledbetter off post photos (L024)

L024 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter off post photos (L049)

L049 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter off post photos (L048)

L048 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter off post photos (L046)

L046 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter off post photos (L029)

L029 (M)   (L)

Ledbetter off post photos (L030)

L030 (M)   (L)