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About This Web Site

Welcome to SRMSC.ORG -- I hope you enjoy your "virtual" visit to one of America's great technological achievements.


My name is David Novak (but you can call me Dave). I'm 100% responsible for this web site and its content. Unfortunately, I never had any official connection to Safeguard, but became interested in it after seeing the Mickelsen complex on a trip to Yellowstone back in the 70's.

I've been involved with computers since the early 70's, so when I decided to expand my technical knowledge by setting up a web site, the SRMSC seemed like the perfect subject. There was very little information available about Safeguard (especially on the internet), and I had an extensive collection of photos taken over the years.

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This site has evolved into much more than just a collection of photos, mostly due to the contributions of others. Many of them are named on pages throughout the site, but some prefer to remain anonymous. Their willingness to share information and photos has helped make this a better chronicle of Safeguard and the SRMSC.

Site Design:

The primary design goal was to provide access to a large amount of technical information without overwhelming the visitor. I tried to accomplish this by making a topic's first (or introductory) page a short overview with links to other pages containing more detailed information.

Photo galleries usually have two versions of each photo -- a smaller one for a "quick look" (or for those using 640x480 monitor resolution) and a large version with more detail but longer load time.

Technical Info:

This site is hosted by Pair Networks. There have been 1,259,091 home page "hits" since going online in September 2000. All HTML was manually coded using various editors over the years (NoteTab Pro, Ultra Edit, gedit), with current editor of choice being Vim. HTML was validated by CSE HTML Validator and the W3C Validator.

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