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SRMSC Sentry Stations

The security requirements for any installation housing nuclear weapons are specific and extensive. Since the MSR complex and the four RSL's (Remote Sprint Launch Sites) housed Spartan and Sprint interceptor missiles with nuclear warheads, these facilities were subject to nuclear weapons security rules.

The following types of restricted access areas were applicable to the MSR complex, the RSL's, and the PAR (no nuclear weapons were present on the PAR site):

Controlled Area
A restricted area that can only be entered by authorized individuals. (It is not explicitly part of the nuclear security protocol.)
Limited Area
An area with a single entry control point containing one or more Exclusion Areas.
Exclusion Area
An area with a single entry control point containing one or more critical components (i.e., nuclear weapons) where the two man rule must be enforced.

The two man (no lone) rule requires that no lone individual shall have access to a nuclear weapon. During any operation that may require access to nuclear weapons, there shall be present a minimum of two authorized persons, each capable of detecting incorrect or unauthorized procedures with respect to the task to be performed and familiar with applicable safety and security requirements.

The following links indicate how the SRMSC sentry stations fit into the nuclear security requirements and also document changes to sentry station names from original site plans to operational usage by security teams.

MSR Complex Sentry Stations RSL Sentry Stations