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St. Louis Defense Area Nike Sites > SL-90 Gallery 1

Nike Site SL-90 - Grafton (Pere Marquette State Park), IL
Gallery 1

Photo Sources:
Google Maps 2015
Ron Plante 2015
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Map and Admin/Launch Area Overview

Nike SL-90 map

G105 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-90 admin, launch area overview

G106 (M)   (L)

SL-90A (2015; Ron Plante photos)

Nike SL-90A gate looking NE in 2015

R035 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-90A gate looking N in 2015

R036 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-90A storage building in 2015

R037 (M)   (L)
  • R035, R036: Main gate.
  • R037: This small building is the only remaining structure (probably the paint and oil storage shed).
SL-90L (2015; Google Maps, Ron Plante photos)

Nike SL-90L 2015 satellite photo

G107 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-90L gate in 2015

R033 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-90L view through gate in 2015

R034 (M)   (L)
  • R034: View through the gate of the road leading to the launch area.
    The missile assembly building was just inside the gate to the right of the road.
SL-90C (2015; Google Maps, Ron Plante photos)

Nike SL-90C 2015 satellite photo

G108 (M)
Nike SL-90C gate in 2015

R031 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-90C gate closeup in 2015

R032 (M)   (L)