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Nike Site SL-60 - Pacific, MO
Gallery 1

Photo Sources:
Mark Berhow
Wikimapia 2015
Scott Murdock's 2007 trip report Vacation Time (new window)
Copyright © 2007-2010, Scott D. Murdock. Used with permission.
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Nike SL-60 2015 satellite photo

M206 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-60 2015 satellite photo closeup

M207 (M)   (L)

SL-60C (1997; Scott Murdock photos)

In use as a commercial testing lab.

Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S204)

S204 (M)

Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S205)


Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S206)

S206 (M)

Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S207)

S207 (M)

Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S208)


Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S209)

S209 (M)

Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S210)

S210 (M)

Nike SL-60C in 1997 radar tower pad


Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S212)

S212 (M)
  • S211: Pad from one of the radar towers.
Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S213)

S213 (M)
Nike SL-60C in 1997 (S214)


SL-60C (2015; Wikimapia photos)

Still in use as a commercial testing lab.

Nike SL-60C 2015 satellite photo

M208(M)   (L)

Nike SL-60C 2015 satellite photo closeup

M209 (M)   (L)

SL-60L (1997; Scott Murdock photos)

The admin area is immediately north of the launch area and contains the Nike Elementary School. The school was originally housed in the former admin buildings, but a new school was constructed in 1990. The launch area is in use as a bus parking lot for the Meremac Valley R-3 school district, Pacific, Mo.

Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S225)


Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S226)

S226 (M)

Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S227)

S227 (M)

Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S228)


Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S229)

S229 (M)

Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S230)

S230 (M)

Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S231)


Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S232)

S232 (M)

Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S233)

S233 (M)

Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S234)


Nike SL-60L in 1997 (S235)

S235 (M)

SL-60L (2003; Mark Berhow photos)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B216)

B216(M)   (L)
Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B217)

B217 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B218)

B218 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B219)

B219(M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B220)

B220 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B221)

B221 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B222)

B222(M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B223)

B223 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B224)

B224 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B225)

B225(M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B226)

B226 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B227)

B227 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B228)

B228(M)   (L)

Nike SL-60L in 2003 (B229)

B229 (M)   (L)

SL-60L (2015; Wikimapia photos)

Nike SL-60L 2015 satellite photo

M210 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-60L 2015 satellite photo closeup

M211 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-60L launch area 2015 satellite photo

M212 (M)   (L)