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Nike Site SL-10 - Marine, IL
Gallery 1

Photo Sources:
Google Maps 2015
Ron Plante 2015
Dave Novak 1968
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Nike SL-10 map

G101 (M)

SL-10C (1968; Dave Novak photos)

Nike SL-10C looking NE in 1968

W013 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-10C looking N in 1968

W011 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-10C IFC looking SE in 1968

W009 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-10C radar towers in 1968

W008 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-10C IFC closeup looking SE in 1968

W010 (M)   (L)

SL-10C (2015; Google Maps, Ron Plante photos)

Contains a sewage treatment facility for the village of Marine. No trace of the original Nike site remains.

Nike SL-10C 2015 satellite photo

G102 (M)

Nike SL-10C admin area in 2015

R026 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-10C IFC in 2015

R027 (M)   (L)
  • G102: Satellite image showing current sewage treatment plant.
  • R026: View into admin area from approximate location of original main gate.
  • R027: View of the IFC area (mound behind and to right of dirt piles).
SL-10L (2015; Google Maps, Ron Plante photos)

In use for storage of highway maintenance supplies and equipment by Madison County. All original Nike site buildings have been demolished.

Nike SL-10L 2015 satellite photo

G103 (M)

Nike SL-10L 2015 satellite photo launch area

G104 (M)   (L)

Nike SL-10L main gate in 2015

R028 (M)   (L)
  • G103, G104: Satellite image showing launch site in 2015.
  • R028: Main gate at the southeast corner of the site (2015).
    • The ready building was just inside the gate to the left of the road.
    • Along the road in the distance were:
      • Missile assembly building.
      • Warheading building (berm is still visible).
      • Dog kennel.
      • Entrance to launch area.
Nike SL-10L launch area in 2015

R029 (M)   (L)
Nike SL-10L new Madison County gate

R030 (M)   (L)
  • R029: Launch area is barely visible in the background just to the right of center (2015).
  • R030: New gate installed by Madison County at the southwest corner of the site.