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Montana MSR

Montana MSCB and Power Plant
Montana MSCB and Power Plant (Click photo for larger image)
(from History of the Huntsville Division)

Montana MSR

The above photo from September 1973 shows the Malmstrom MSR just before restoration. The MSCB (Missile Site Control Building) is in the center of the photo, and the MSPP (Missile Site Power Plant) is in the upper right. Only a small amount of concrete had been poured in the MSCB and power plant, but marginally more progress had taken place in the Spartan and Sprint excavations. Twenty-four of the thirty Spartan launch shafts had been augered and one deflector can placed.

During restoration, all but a few traces of the MSR complex were buried or otherwise obliterated. Mark Morgan's July 2004 Trip Report documents his visit to the remains of the former MSR site.

Montana MSR Photo Gallery